10 Best Multi Line Phone System for Small Business

Do you need a Multi line Phone System for small business? Don’t worry; we’ve listed down the best ones for you.

Landlines at home are now a thing of the past, when a business grows, it’s only natural for the influx of trade to grow as well.

With this fact, growing companies rely on Multi-Line Phone Systems to keep up with the growing number of incoming calls, as well as outgoing ones.


Multi line Phone Systems for small business to connect numerous people at a time. The lines can be both internal and external.

Internal lines connect employees while external lines allow you and your employees to communicate with your market, or people who are outside of your business.

Best Multi Line Phone System for Small Business

Do you need a Multi Line Phone System for small business?

If your company is growing larger, and the demand presents that you procure this type of communication network for your small business. Then, by all means, do so!

This system is an essential tool for growing your business more prominent than it is. This would allow better communication between your staff and your staff with the market.

There are many systems here suited for the benefit of their intended audience, with some entries having advanced features.


With most of the entries on this list having the basic functionalities and features of a Multi Line Phone System, choose the one that would benefit your company the most.

It all boils down to preference and ease of use for you and your colleagues.

Different Phone Systems could benefit you and your business; if you have a virtual team, then a Cloud-based Phone System would work better than a Multi Line one.

There would be a much better means of communication for you and your team.

There is also a Unified Communications Systems which you can apply for with a service provider. With that said, check out our list of the best Multi Line Phone Systems for small business!

The 10 Best Multi Line Phone Systems For Small Business

These are the 10 best Multi Line Phone Systems that we’ve compiled for you.

The entries on this list have various functions that would be needed by a growing company, especially if that company relies on sales.

1. AT&T 1070 4-Line Expandable Corded Phone System

The AT&T 1070 multi line phone system for small business - Multi-Line Phone System for small business
The AT&T 1070 – Multi line Phone System for small business

If you require a Phone Line that supports 4 lines and has a Speakerphone, this would be an excellent choice for you.

The Phone line is DSL compatible, and it also has a three-people conferencing feature added that would let you interact with three people on three lines with a light indicator dedicated to every line.

A ringtone can also be set for each line to avoid further confusion.

You can upgrade your Phone Systems as your small business grows, with the phone system being expandable to 16 more stations with the other AT&T models (the 1040, and the 1080.)

It has a large display with easy to read texts that shows the caller information and setup text. It has a capacity of 200 names and numbers for the storage ID and can be dialed directly.

With 32 speed dials and 16 dedicated intercom numbers, access to calls can be as quick as pressing 1 button. It’s Speakerphone, and aux port connected headsets are its hands-free features.

The device also has a memory loss protection feature.

2. AT&T 1080: 4-Line Speakerphone with Answering System

The AT&T 1080 multi line phone system for small business
The AT&T 1080 with an Answering System – Multi line Phone System for small business

The main functionality differing from the AT&T 1070 is the Answering System.

While the answering system is indeed a useful addition, most businesses may not require such a feature.

Basic Phone Features

Speakerphone Hold Headset Compatible (2.5mm)
32-Number Speed Dial Mute Selectable Ringer Tones
Rapid Scroll Data Port DSL Compatible
Chain Dialling Auto Redial Receiver Volume Control
Last 6 Numbers Redial Hearing Aid Compatible Speakerphone Volume Control

Caller ID Features:

Caller ID/ Call Waiting Large, Blue-Lighted Display
200 Call and Number Caller ID History New Call/Message Indicator

Digital Answering System Features

Digital Answering System Voice Prompt Remote Access with Tol Saver
Time and Date Stamp Memo Recording Call Screening & Call Intercept

But, in the case that your small business may have idle time in which your employees and colleagues have time away from their keyboard, then this may be useful for you.

3. RCA U1000 4-Line Expandable Phone System

The RCA U1000 multi line phone system for small business
RCA U10000 – Multi line Phone System for small business

The RCA U1000 includes a base station and a wireless desk phone and handset.

You can use the RCA U1000 with up to 4 lines; it features an extension status indicator, and a dedicated button for transferring calls.

You can expand your system with 10 new phones by connecting it with the U1100 desk phone or the U1200 wireless handset.

The RCA U1000 also has a speakerphone and a 6-party conferencing capability, with an additional digital receptionist and digital answering machine.

There is also an Intercom feature added which would be beneficial for offices that separated rooms.

4. RCA ViSys 2542RE1 4-Line Expandable Phone System

The RCA ViSys 25424RE1 multi line phone system for small business
The RCA ViSys Series – Multi line Phone System for small business

The RCA ViSys is a 4-Line Corded Expandable System that can be expanded to up to 16 more base stations.

Every one of the base stations can be expanded to have 1 DECT 6.0 handset.

It has an intercom capability, a call waiting feature, and a Caller ID, as well as a Speakerphone feature.

A drawback with this model is that it doesn’t have an answering machine, but it is more affordable than the others on this list.

Find out RCA ViSys is the phone system you could use for your business, check it out its full features on Amazon!

5. VTech DS6151 2-Line Cordless Phone System

VTech DS6151 multi line phone system for small business
The VTech 2-Line Cordless Phone System -Multi line Phone System for small business

The VTech 2-Line Cordless Phone System is an excellent choice for a startup company or a small business.

It has a Digital Answering Machine and with DECT 6.0 technology (better sound and quality of calls.)

For those who value security, this would be the right choice. It has a digital security that encrypts and digitizes your calls for as a prevention for wiretapping.

It can be expanded up to 12 handsets.

If you want a cheaper alternative, although limited to a 2-Line system, then this would be a great choice as you still don’t need the additional functions of the other entries on this list.

6. AT&T (TL88102) 2-Line Landline Phone

AT&T (TL88102) multi line phone system for small business
The 2-Line Telephone Bundle from AT&T – Multi line Phone System for small business

Same as with the VTech, the AT&T (TL88102) features DECT 6.0 technology, this deal is also bundled with an additional 3 handsets and a dual Caller ID and Call Waiting feature.

This device can hold conference calls with 4 cordless handsets and an outside line. The device allows incoming calls on separate lines with outgoing calls.

It also features a unique mailbox for each of the lines and features an extended range with its signal.

There is also a speakerphone feature included with the device for wireless communication.

It is expandable by up to 12 more handsets.

This phone system would surely be the right choice for a startup company.

7. Panasonic 2-Line Cordless Phone System

The Panasonic 2-Line Cordless multi line phone system for small business
The Panasonic 2-Line Cordless Phone System – Multi line Phone System for small business

What separates this Panasonic 2-Line Phone System from the others on this list is its “LINK2CELL” function, in which you can link your cellphone via Bluetooth with your Phone System for office use.

After linking it with your phone, it alerts you when you receive calls when you are away via SMS.

It has a Dual Answering Machine that records the message sent to you while sending an SMS alert to a registered smartphone unit.

You can link up to an additional 4 smartphone handsets to receive and make calls with its “LINK2CELL” feature.

It has a 3-way conferencing capability, easy call blocking, an emergency power supply, and a key detector for missing handsets.

It also has a talking Caller ID for hands-free use.

8. XBLUE x16

XBLUE X16 multi line phone system for small business
The XBLUE X16 – Multi line Phone System for small business

This telephone system is highly ideal for companies that have up to 16 employees with a capacity of 16 phones and an additional 6 company line telephones, with dedicated buttons for easy call placing and retrieval.

XBLUE X16 multi line phone system for small business
Connect up to 6 telephone lines – Multi line Phone System for small business

The X16 does not require access to the internet and will still work without a network connection. Voicemails are stored in your X16 system.

The XBLUE X16 systems include hands-free accessibility with its speakerphone and a hands-free answer back feature, with every X16 unit having an auto-attendant feature and 12 programmable buttons on the device.

This is a trusted device that can adequately do the work that your company demands.

9. AT&T ML17929 2-Line Corded Telephone

AT&T ML17929 multi line phone system for small business
All the essential functions at a cheaper price – Multi Line Phone System for small business

This is the most affordable entry on this list for those in need of a 2-Line Telephone. It has all the basic functionalities of a 2-Line Corded Telephone.

It also has a Caller ID and a Call Waiting function, 18 programmable speed-dial buttons, and 100-capacity phonebook directory, as well as a 99-capacity Caller ID log.

It has a built-in speakerphone included for hands-free activity.

This is an excellent choice for a startup business that doesn’t necessarily need high-end expensive multi line phone systems.

10. AT&T SynJ SB67158

AT&T SynJ multi line phone system for small business
Have wireless connectivity on all the devices – Multi line Phone System for small business

The AT&T SynJ is amazingly adaptable with its 1 to 4-Line connectivity. It can either be cordless or corded depending on your preference.

The device also includes an Answering System and an auto-attendant feature.

It has mostly the same features as the other high-end AT&T 4-Line models but features better specs.

It also has a push to talk intercom feature that distributes your message throughout your team.

It also features a new line status appearance that shows you the status of each of the calls you’re taking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Multi-Line Phone System work?

It works like how a normal landline phone would, except for the added function of having more than one line, which would enable more than one phone to receive the same call.

How many Phone Lines should a small business have?

At least 10 phone lines for business. This is to accommodate sales, client management, admin, conference calls, etc. Microbusinesses and solo entrepreneurs that operate at home offices don’t necessarily need Multi-Line phone systems unless it’s what their job requires.

What is the proper etiquette with a phone call?

Answer the call immediately. Introduce yourself and speak clearly. Use proper language and only use the speakerphone when it’s necessary.

Choose what will benefit you the most!

In starting a company or growing your small business, it is always important to remember to minimize costs.

Don’t overspend on something you don’t need because of the extra features. All of the items on this list are indeed good for your business, but if you don’t require an additional function, it would be pointless.

Choose what you could maximize based on the growth and necessities of your company.

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