Benefits of yoga for overweight people

There are various beliefs about physical activity that revolve around body volume. One focuses on flexibility exercises and the impossibility of doing them for those who have a few extra pounds. However, yoga for overweight people is responsible for breaking that series of myths.

On many occasions, the same people who are overweight are the ones who limit themselves concerning an activity such as yoga. From the outset, the phrases they repeat most regularly are “my stomach wouldn’t allow me to do those postures” or “first I must lower myself and then practice yoga.” If you are one of these people, you should know the benefits this practice has for you.

Yoga for overweight people

Physical activity, in general, is beneficial for the health of the body. Despite this, there are contraindications that you must abide by if you have a few extra kilos. However, yoga for overweight people is an alternative that you should not overlook.

Contrary to popular belief, this training method and relaxation can be practiced by anyone regardless of their physical condition. Of course, some modifications in routine and postures are necessary, but this does not imply that it is impossible to practice.

Benefits for overweight people

Based on the above, we will show you the main benefits you can get from yoga if you are overweight. The goal is to make it part of your life habits and find a way to turn your practice into a healthy routine.

Protects the joints

One of the main benefits of yoga for overweight people is joint protection. This is due to the low impact of their movements.

In overweight people, the lower extremities’ joints, such as those of the ankles and knees, bear greater pressure. However, since yoga exercises do not require jumps or sudden movements in their execution, you can practice them without any excuse.

Improves mood

Being overweight tends to influence people’s overall mood negatively, and you are probably no exception. However, there are alternatives such as yoga that can contribute positively in this regard, as detailed in an article published by Mayo Clinic.

Being a type of physical activity, yoga stimulates the production of hormones related to happiness and the feeling of well-being. With this, the mood will improve progressively, as long as you are frequent with its practice.

Relax muscle groups

Being overweight often causes ailments in joints and muscle groups due to the overexertion they must make to mobilize the different body segments. Fortunately, yoga works as a therapeutic tool.

According to a study published by the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, its continuous performance contributes to reducing ailments and relaxation of the muscles in general, especially those that make more effort throughout the day. This benefit is influenced by the different movements executed in the exercises and the control of breathing and meditation.

Correct posture

Apart from the effort that muscles must make to carry out certain movements, they are also often affected by gravity and being overweight. In this way, posture becomes one of the main drawbacks.

Luckily, doing yoga exercises regularly has great benefits for postural hygiene. This activity not only strengthens the muscles but also relieves certain tensions and improves joint mobility.

It can be done alone or in a company.

Without a doubt, having options to practice a training method is very beneficial. If you are one of the people who enjoy others’ company, you cannot ignore the fact that yoga can carry out in group sessions.

However, if you want to do it alone, there is no problem either. All you need is a cool, comfortable place and a routine that’s right for you.

Get advice on yoga for overweight people.

Suppose you are overweight and want to take advantage of the benefits that yoga offers. We advise you to seek professional help. There are several sites to advise you in person or virtually.

In addition to the above, do not let being overweight become a burden and an obstacle in your life. Look for alternatives to start improving your habits and, above all, try to be patient and constant with your training.

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