5 foods that people with the flu should never eat

Increasing cold in winter puts a lot of strain on both the upper respiratory tract and the body. It is very important to be correctly identified in order to strengthen the immune system and gain resistance against diseases. However, what you consume when you are sick is also extremely important. Here are the foods you shouldn't even put in your mouth when you're sick.

We have listed which foods are a good idea to eat when you feel bad and which ones should not be consumed. Here are the foods you shouldn’t eat or touch when you have a cold.



You probably think this superfood is great when you have a cold, but quite the opposite. Strawberries are high histamine releasers that bring unpleasant discomfort to your nose and sinuses, which can be a nightmare of congestion. For this reason, it will be much more useful to stay away from strawberries during the time you have a cold.


Sweet things have lots of sugar, which is the last thing you need when you’re sick. Eating sugar can temporarily suppress your immune system and the ability of your white blood cells to fight germs that make you sick. Therefore, unless you want to make your symptoms worse, you should try to keep your sugar cravings under control.


Not all processed foods are unhealthy or a bad choice, but some may contain high levels of salt, sugar and fat. And these ingredients have enough content for inflammation and can delay your body’s healing process. With that in mind, salty snacks, cereals, bacon or sausages should remain a distant memory, at least until you feel better.


They are delicious with many dishes but try to avoid them if you are sick. These foods contain vinegar and salt, ingredients that can increase the inflammation of a sore throat.


If you have a cough or sore throat, eating crunchy snacks like crackers, chips, potato chips, or pretzels can feel like sandpaper on your throat. These foods can irritate the throat badly, which means making your pain worse.


Chicken soup

Chicken soup

A steaming bowl of chicken soup is a must when chilled, not just because our mothers say so, but in general. This soup keeps you hydrated, nutritious, soothing, and research shows it has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help with your cold symptoms.

Chili pepper

Maybe you want to spice up your meals a bit. There is an ingredient in cayenne pepper called capsaicin that may ease your symptoms. It works as a decongestant and expectorant, meaning it can break up mucus and relieve a cough and a stuffy nose.


A cup of hot ginger tea can be your best friend when catching a cold. This powerful root herb has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects that help fight the virus. Ginger relieves congestion, suppresses cough and soothes your throat.

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