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What to ask the seller before buying a house?

If you want to get the apartment of your dreams without having problems, take note of the 20 questions to ask before buying a house from the seller.

Before during and after the process of buying and selling your home, you will have a sea of ​​doubts and questions to ask, since being a totally new decision for you – in the case that it is your first property -, it is better to ask and make the right purchase, than sin for it and fall into error.

And as you know, one of the most important parts of this process is choosing your future home. Seeing apartments is perhaps the moment that gives more enthusiasm and desire to experience it, but still, the moment that generates more doubts.

Therefore, before the owner of the home you are going to see sells you the house as the perfect property, it is advisable that the buyer can check the condition and situation of the house himself and not be afraid to do all the things to the seller. the questions that were pertinent and necessary to make a good choice.

Ask the seller of the house everything that comes to mind.

Although you surely can think of some, and it depends on the house you can make one or the other more appropriate, in today’s article we are going to leave you the 10 questions that you should ask the seller of your future home to make sure that this is yes. which is the house of your dreams. Write them all down and don’t forget one!

Everything you should ask when buying a house

Issues related to the home itself

As the real estate agent or individual shows you the apartment that may be your future home, surely questions will arise and that will be the moment to ask them. It’s okay on the one hand to ask him questions during the visit, but don’t pester him either.

If he shows you the room and you have a question related to it, ask it immediately, but if they are more generic, do it at the end of everything. You can ask him questions such as:

What is the reason the owner wants to sell it? 

One of the first questions that come to mind when looking at a property is: and if the house is so wonderful … why does the owner want to sell it? If we can find out this information, it will help us to make a possible offer.

It will be different if the seller is urgent to sell the house for any reason, or if he has only put it on the market to see what type of interest it can generate.

What makes the owner sell the house?

If you want to get rid of it because you need money, it is a good opportunity to offer a lower price and start a negotiation, but instead, if you just want to test the waters, wait and do not rush. It is better to wait a bit and find out if there are more interested parties to be able to hit the nail on the head with the negotiation.

How many tenants have you had? Who used to live here? 

This question, in addition to prying a bit about the other lives that the house that interests you has had, serves to learn about its conservation and care.

Although the most likely aspect is that you can appreciate it, it will not be the same a house that has had 5 hands to one that has only had 2. Or, on the other hand, a house where a middle-aged couple has lived, to a house that has lived a family with 3 children and 4 pets. As you can see, things are sure to change and this may mean that there are hidden surprises that are not visible to the naked eye, but that may end up appearing.

How long has the house been on the market?

Knowing how long the house has been on the market will also allow you to know things about it.

Typically, the time it takes to sell a property will vary based on local market demand, property type, and price. It will also depend on the economic situation of the country or some crisis if the case arises, but… if a home is in Kansas, for example, more than 6 months, it is a good time to negotiate the sale price. If you add to this finding a mortgage with the best possible commissions, the savings can be substantial.

How many visits have you had? 

The number of visits the property has had can also help you in your decision. If you find out that there have been no more visits and you are 100% interested in the house, jump into it so as not to miss out on the opportunity and make a good offer.

Find out how many visits the property has apart from yours.

On the other hand, if the person who shows you the house tells you that there are 10 interested people, and you are not quite convinced, looking for another option will be the best thing you can do to avoid wasting time. Surely you are lucky to find something better, more easily and without worrying about whether they will give the house to you or not and lose opportunities along the way.

How many useful and built meters does the property have? 

In most of the real estate portals, except Kansas, they tend to forget to distinguish between the useful or habitable meters of a property and the built ones.

To give you an idea, the useful or habitable meters are those that you can walk inside the property, including the space of the built-in wardrobes, if any. On the other hand, the meters or built surface is the total of the house, counting the facilities, partitions, galleries, ventilation ducts, etc.

With which, when buying a home, take a good look at these details so as not to be surprised later, because perhaps the ad says that it has 120 m2, but it actually has 80 m2.


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